Is There a New Generation of Physicians Pushing a More Healthy Diet?

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I recently graduated from Andrew Weil's Integrative Medicine course, and we really do see ourselves as a new generation of physicians who are really integrating the conventional medical education that we've received with lifestyle changes, and one of the the big oneas is nutrition, so we've received a lot of education in terms of proper nutrition in an anti inflammatory diet that promotes predominantly fruits and vegetables, and this is a diet that can help with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, some of the biggest ailments that we're suffering from right now, and so I think we definitely are the kind of innovative physicians who are really kind of taking this interesting new turn, and it's interesting there are a lot of physicians who still don't believe in the power of diet changes and so we are really committed to educating each other so that like you said earlier we can let the public know what is a healthy diet? Why should they reach for that apple, why should they reach for that salad rather than a hamburger or cheeseburger?What is it and how does that pertain to them specifically in their particular illnesses?.