How to Make Your Grilled Beef Healthier

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I'm Dr. Mike Roizen with a smart tip for your next barbecue. Personally, I'm a big fan of salmon on the grill, I can almost taste it. But if you are a red meat lover, there are a few things you can do to make that grilled red meat as healthy as possible. One, go for grass pet, it's 1/3 less saturated fats than regular beef, and maybe even some healthy Omega-3s.

Two, choose lower fat cuts like top sirloin, or the leanest hamburger, and make it a slider, just 3-ounces of lean beef can have six grams of saturated fats, and that increases your risk of heart attacks, stoke, impotence, wrinkling, all kinds of bad things. Three, marinate, flame grilling creates carcinogens, cancer causing things, but soaking your meat, bathing it if you will, in a rosemary spiked marinade for at least 15 minutes neutralizes about 85% of those bad things.

Four, make kebabs. Skewer small chunks of marinated meat with lots of vegetables. For more ways to live well, watch and share all of our smart tips, right here.