How Can I Help Prevent Heart Disease?

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You want to pull out your tape measure and measure your waist circumference. When you take your waist circumference as a woman it should be less than 35 inches around, when you're getting too much weight around your midsection or that belly fat your risk of heart disease is increasing, we know that that weight around our belly is actually really inflammatory for our body, it's not just sitting there it's metabolically active, it's creating a lot of inflammation in our body which increases our risk of heart disease.

If you're starting to gain weight around the belly and your waist circumference is over 35 inches you want to start with cutting out the added sugars in your diet. Start reading labels, stop putting added sugar into your tea or coffee, this sugar is actually causing that weight to get deposited around the belly, so you want to avoid these sugars, but also avoid those artificial sweeteners we know they are not good for that weight either.

Get started on your exercise program, are you getting in your 40 minutes of exercise everyday? That's key for keeping that weight off of the belly, and make sure you're getting a good night sleep, remember we need about seven to nine hours of good sleep a night, turn off your cell phone turn off your computer, make it easy for your body to fall asleep, like it should because when we don't get adequate sleep that actually increases our blood sugar and our insulin and causes us to gain weight around the belly.

If you are developing belly fat you really want to incorporate more foods that are full of fibre in your diet, make sure you're getting some brown rice, beans, and legumes, are wonderful foods getting those 8 to 10. One half cups serving of fruits and vegetables a day, but make it more in the vegetables side maybe two servings of fruits and the rest, the other six to eight servings being from the vegetable side that can be really helpful for your waist circumference. Make sure you get a protein, good serving of protein every meal a day really watch those refine carbohydrates, they are not helping you when it comes to that weight around the belly.