Can Cheese Be Good for Your Heart?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a quick tip to keep your ticker strong. We often think of cheese as that artery clogging, no no on a top of pizza, but a recent study suggest that cheese might actually be good for your heart if you choose a low fat one, and a study of middle aged adults, frequent servings of low-fat dairy products that prove the significantly reduce levels of heart and bring inflammatory compounds.

Those compounds were significantly lower in people who got 11 to 14 servings of low fat dairy product each week compared with people who ate fewer than 8 servings. Now it's good news for your taste but and for your heart, because reducing the number of inflammatory compounds in your body can help protect you from heart disease.

So what's the survey? A cup of low fat milk or yogurt an ounce of cheese, so say cheese and I check out all our smart tips to eat smart and live well right here.