What Lifestyles Changes Should I Make After a Heart Attack?

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After a heart attack, we still want to work to prevent you from having another heart attack. That's called secondary prevention and it really is just as important as primary prevention. So what should you do after you've had a heart attack? You will be on medication specific for your heart but there are other lifestyle things do as well.

Now one very important activity would be cardiac rehabilitation, your insurance most likely will cover this and it generally involves going for about 12 weeks, three sessions a week. So if your health care provider has not made arrangements for cardiac rehabilitation ask him or her to call around and see where it's available in your area.

Other things you can do are start a walking program yourself. Look at you diet, consider going to a nutritionist to review your diet and what you can do to have a more heart-healthy diet. Some people find that it's important to reduce the stress in their life, although we don't have as much good search telling us about this, but certainly consider.

Your job is too stressful or other life circumstances are you may want to work with a professional to see how you can reduce the stress in your life. So all these things are important to do after you have had a heart attack and help you to recover and get heart healthy.