What Are the Treatment Options for Heart Failure?

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Next question for you, what about those with normal weight and unhealthy markers such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar, are they at increased risk for developing heart disease? Yeah, so even if you're thin but you have other risk factors, you're definitely a risk for heart disease, same thing, you know high blood pressure and increased inflammation.

Okay, are there any new treatments on the way for heart failure? Yes, some exciting ones actually. In Israel, researchers have been able to convert skin cells into heart cells by adding three genes and valproic acid to the cell nucleus they were able to change these cells within and within 24 to 48 hours the cells began to beat together.

They were then placed in rats and incorporated into the rat hearts. But they were human cells. That's fascinating so then what are the next steps and how far away are they from having us become an actual established therapy? Well, we have to do trials in humans and it's probably about 15 years away but it's pretty exciting, it's very promising..