What Are the Different Types of Heart Disease?

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Most of us are familiar with what's called Coronary heart disease, being the build up of atherosclerosis or blockages in the blood vessels that take blood to your heart muscle. But the heart has other important structures as well, for example, they are for heart valve, and a patient may have a problem with either the opening or closing of those heart valves.

Hearts can also have a cardiomyopathy, which means that the pumping function of the heart is not good for one reason or another. Sometimes this is called heart failure as well, and once again that's when the pumping function of your heart is not normal. So while there are many kinds of heart problems somebody can have, we have some very good tests to help us determine what's going on.

Some of these would be an ultra sound test known as an Echo Cardiogram or a stress test, where you walk on a treadmill and we also take images of your heart.