How Does a Person Get a Hole in Their Heart?

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80s rock icon turned reality TV star, he recently had a death scare and today he's working harder than ever. Joshua released his latest album it's called Custom Build and he's got a new reality show in VH1 it's called Life as I know it. Please take a listen to Bret Michaels' question.

Dr Ross, it's Bret Michaels and I have this question for you. I am going in in January to get a hole in my heart sewn up or worked on after being through everything that I've been through this year with the emergency appendectomy, the brain haemorrhage and the TIA. I just want to find out from you your advice on whether you think that my body can handle this kind of stress.

When it rains it pours sometimes in our lives. It's been a very rough year for you Bret and I appreciate that but for many folks who are watching this show is the same kind of thing and there are always if you look carefully sometimes unifying ideas that bring all these problems together and I think for Bret is that he had a hole in his heart.

One in four of all of you have a hole in your heart. Now I want to explain what that really means. And thank you very much, what's your name? My name is Shoan. Hey Shoan, you know what's about hole in your heart? No. Do you know if you have one?I don't know but I would like to find out.

Alright, so let me show you what I'm talking about. Caught behind these doors, let's imagine right in the middle of the heart that between those two main chambers is like this door like a cylinder. Now before you were born, just hold that open if you don't mind, it's open. So that blood can come into the heart and quickly pass out of the heart because the heart starts giving it to the lungs.

As soon as you take your first breath, the first breath you ever take in that doctor's spunks your bottom, when you begin to cry coming out of your mother's womb. You slam shot. Now here's the part that is important. When the door closes it doesn't stick all the time but over time it will glue itself there and this two will seal you see that, this little overlap.

So go ahead and walk through there. All over sudden blood can go through there and more blood can go through there and over and over again. Now why is that critical? Because the blood that's going through there, wasn't supposed to go across the heart without going to the lungs. So if you're sitting in an aeroplane, or in my audience or in a car and you get a little clot in your legs and it goes up to your heart, instead of pumping it to your lungs, it pumps into your head and that causes strokes, and when a young person like Bret comes in with a stroke, the first thing I think is, that hole didn't close.