Take Baby Aspirin to Prevent Cancer

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Hi Dr. Oz here, with important news for almost 12 million Americans living after cancer diagnosis. Taking aspirin everyday, not only helps to prevent various forms of cancer including colon cancer, brain, cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. It also slows a potential spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

That cancer spread is a process called metastasis. Two major meta-analysis found that low dose aspirin reduces the instance of colon cancer and get testosterone cancer by almost 40% and reduce the risk of all cancer spreading by 35-40%. This news comes after a close to [xx] 100, 000 people and a whole roster of studies.

Now, I personally take a 160 milligrams of aspirin everyday, always with a half of glass of warm water before and after and it help protect against aspirin's possible side effects, like Stomach bleeding, that dose in is half a standard 325 mg aspirin, remember to always check with your doctor or take a daily aspirin you see if it's a smart move for you and to find out those usual take.

I'm Dr. Oz for more ways to protect your health, watch our smart tips right here.