Take a Nap for Your Heart

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Dr. Oz here with a smart tip for you. Are you sleep deprived? Well many of us are. And there's a good chance you are to and don't even realize it, thanks to modern day working hours and late night TVs, and computer habits, people now get one and half to two hours less sleep per night than their grandparents did.

This chronic steep deprivation along with our most stressful lifestyle makes a tore on our heart, so here is a way to fight back, make time for a dearly afternoon nap, once 30 tested this theory, on college students by giving them a tricky math problem, designed to make their blood pressure go up. That's a sure sign of heart stress, but the students whose blood pressure recovered most quickly by taking a 45 to 60 minute nap.

The nap is better able to manage stress. It's another good reason to make time for afternoon snooze. You can always tell your boss, it helps you work smarter and stay healthy. You want to discover more ways to stay well. Watch all of our smart tips right here.