Get to Know Your CRP Number

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz, you already know to keep an eye on some important numbers like your cholesterol, your blood pressure, here is another number that you should get to know; your C reactive protein levels. C reactive protein is also called CRP, is cranked up by the liver and your immune system hormones and serum proteins respond injury or irritation somewhere in your body, this creates body wide blood vessel damage and inflammation that triggers heart attacks.

And all kind of things can boost your CRP levels, inactivity obesity smoking, chronic stress parendontal disease infections and auto immune disease, just to name a few. A diet loaded with saturated fat process foods also helps your body produce more CRP. A simple blood text can determine your CRP levels a reading of less then one milligram per liter says that you have more risk of heart disease, up to 2.9 milligrams and it gains an intermediate risk, and three, milligrams more put you at high risk.

When your CRP is high smart to help bring it down. Get plenty of exercise and opt for Mediterranean diet loaded  with healthy fats food vegetables beans and whole grains. I'm Dr. Oz for more ways to watch your health check out our smart tips right here.