For a Healthier Heart, Turn Down the Volume

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz with a great tip for your heart health. Make the world a little quieter, that's good for your ears of course but its also good for your heart. If you were someone you loved even thicker, chronic loud noises can make heart stress worse. Regular exposure to sounds above 65 decibels, a loud conversation can boost the risk of a heart attack by 10%.

Chronic exposure to a louder noise, from a vacuum cleaner for example, bumps heart attacks risk by 20%. And constantly being around anything ampour with the garbage disposal that's common in many factories, increases the risk by 50%. The it boosts heart attack risk by activating your nervous system and increasing stress.

That throws off your heart rate, blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and your blood sugar. So, find ways to turn down the volume. Simple $2 ear plugs can help if the noise isn't that bad or invest in ear and heart protecting noise cancellation headphones. They make a huge difference. I'm Dr.

Oz for more ways to protect your health, check out all our smart tips but don't turn the volume up too high.