Normal BMI? You May Still Be at Risk for Diabetes, Heart Disease

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Hi, I'm Doctor Oz. Is your bathroom scale lying to you? You can have a healthy weight and a Body Mass Index, BMI, yet still be at risk for heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. Now how is that possible? Because BMI doesn't distinguish between lean healthy muscle and body fat, especially the dreaded belly fat, that's the kind that boosts risks of disease. Studies have found that measuring your waist circumference is a better way to gaze how much body fat you're really carrying.Place a tape measure at bellybutton level and then you can suck in, that's because the health risks that come with belly fat begin about three inches deeper than your unsucked in middle. Anything over 35 inches for women or 39 inches for guys means you need to take steps to trim your belly fat by eating right and exercising. The on the bathroom scale may not change but you're melt belly fat and improve your health.

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