How to Cut Your Heart Attack Risk in Half

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soldun, with an important tip if you have a history of heart attacks and other heart trouble. Sign up for cardiac rehab. Cardiac rehab is a safe supervised exercise class, cardiac rehab helps lower lousy LDL cholesterol, raise healthy HDL, reduce inflammation, ease depression and trim excess pounds.

In one study it cut the risk of subsequent heart attacks by 50%. Here are a few tips to maximize the benefits of cardiac rehab, first find out if you are a good candidate. You are if you've had a heart attack, bypass surgery, stance, worsening heart failure or worsening angina. Next sign up and actually go to the classes.

In one study perfect attendance for a 36 series rehab class reduced the risk for repeat heart attack at extra 12% compared to attending 75% of class. Third if you're a female, look for an all female class, women are more vulnerable to depression after a heart attack. One study found that a women only rehab program counter depression better than a mixed class for these patients.

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