Healthy Habits to Manage Angina

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Hi. I'm Dr. Miller here with some tips to help manage Angina. Because Angina is a sign of heart disease, it's important to eat a good diet to help keep your blood pressure and cholesterol healthy. You may also benefit from learning stress reduction techniques such as meditation or relaxation exercises.

And your doctor may prescribe medication including a regiment of baby aspirin to help reduce the risk of blood clots. You'll also likely be prescribed nitroglycerine a medication that's placed under the tongue during an attack of angina. It helps dilate blood vessels so more blood can reach the heart.

Nitro glycerine is also available in pill or patch form to prevent symptom. Your doctor may also want you to take ABET blocker or Calcium channel blocker that can help prevent Angina as well. It's important to follow your treatment plan for angina. Managing it's symptoms help protect your and prevent a heart attack.

I'm Dr. Miller. For may ways to safer your heart health, watch all our smart tips.