Is Alzheimer's Disease Related to Parkinson's Disease?

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Well you know, in Alzheimer's once the disease progresses through the brain to hit the areas that are affected by parkinson's, you get the Parkinson's like symptoms of shaking. Same thing in parkinson's disease, once the disease spreads from the part of the brain, it affects movement into memory you'll start getting Alzheimer's symptoms and Parkinson's, but as long as it's more of spreading, and Alzheimer's disease begins in the learning of memory areas and spreads out to the movement areas where you get Parkinson's symptoms and vise versa the parkinson's disease, but a lot of the genes we're finding did effect just where the nerve cells start to degenerate and die are overlapping.

An example is a gene we found that Alzheimer's geno project. I remembered that when we tried to find these genes, it's unbiased, we have no preconceived notions about what the gene should be. If you shake up the human genome you see what falls out, and say that's an Alzheimer's gene, and then we have to sit around in the office on a Friday evening during what we call beer hour, having a few Coronas saying how many is it going to take before we can figure out how this gene can possibly cause Alzheimers.

And that's the greatest science you can do is when the results surprise you and we had no idea how to fit it into your current thinking and we have to change your thinking. So an example was we found the gene that causes a movement disorder called spiral cera bella artesia. It affects the back area of the brain, nowhere near learning memory.

You say how can this same gene cause Alzheimer's? But now we've figured it out, we've studied this gene, we've figured out how it actually affects the amyloid production, amyloid production in the brain. We would never guessed in a million years that this gene that's working in a totally different part of the brain causing a movement disorder could cause Alzheimer's directly.

So that's the beauty of doing genetics is it's really perfectly pure and non-biased and what you get is what you get. So we get to tell the Alzheimer's world here are the new Alzheimer's genes, if you don't like them sorry, but you have to work on them, and if you can't figure out how they can possibly cause Alzheimer's, well you have to because these are the givens in your equation.