What Is Amaranth?

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The next thing anti-aging super-food please help me. Welcome Robin fights osteoporosis, fights osteoporosis. So that's for weight gain this is for osteoporosis is called amaranth, have you ever heard that? No. A lot of folks think about the new spangled grains [xx], this is really, really important you should get in your [xx] because this will help your bones get strong, it's got iron, magnesium, calcium plus it's got the grains.

You need all three of those minerals to build your bones. Now, the you're going to make it, there are many ways you can use amaranth. You just put it on a scale and a toast of [xx] oil, it looks like this, all turned white, now taste that. Let's use your fingers. What should [xx]. Oh come on! That one tastes good, it kind of tastes like popcorn.Yeah, it tastes like popcorn $7 a bag.

It's a tiny bit higher than some other foods but $7 a bag is not going to put anyone in bankruptcy. That one's just good. Pretty good. So they've got one for one.