Vitamin D Diet

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You probably already know vitamin D is a supplement super star, helping to ward off diseases like [xx], high blood pressure and cancer. But did you know your vitamin D level may also solve the riddle of your expanding middle? Vitamin D, is the nutritional darling everyone is talking about.

Last year alone, there were over 3000 studies conducted, and the astounding results confirm, vitamin D is not only critical for bone health, it also boosts immunity and reduces inflammation. But breakthrough research now reveals vitamin D may play the most crucial role of all in weight loss by controlling our appetite, leveling up our metabolism and helping us melt away the fat fast.

Can Vitamin D be the magic pill to finally make you skinny? I'm joined by Dr. Kerry Peterson[sp?] who help [xx] to a new book available online called the Vitamin D diet. She's here to give us a sneak preview, that this book links the fact that 70% of us, of all the Americans, have low vitamin D levels and that at 75% of us or 70% roughly, are overweight.

To that conclusion, how are these two numbers connected? This really is a revolutionary weight loss breakthrough. What we now know from new studies is that vitamin D causes fat cells to become more metabolically active which helps you to burn more calories. And what we've also learnt is that, this is fantastic for people who carry their weight in the middles, it helps you burn it there more easily.

So in our new book what we do is, we discuss great ways to incorporate vitamin D rich foods into your diet. It's a big insight cause you know it's how many of us are short of vitamin D and it felt that it might actually be linked to us might be important. So, Dr. Peterson says this plan can help women lose up to 15 pounds in five weeks.

That's correct, so it is a five week plan and what it does it is it shifts you from a fat storing mode, to a fat burning mode. So, you'll lose the most weight in the first week and then you transition to a four week period where as you mentioned you can lose up to 15 pounds. Now, the plan does have a wide variety of foods which I think helps curve cravings and also is very flexible.

It also helps to suppress your appetite because vitamin D it stimulates hormone called Leptin and leptin tells your brain I'm full. It does insist on portion control though. It has 14 to 15 hundred calories per day of vitamin rich foods, Vitamin D rich foods that are about 600 units per day and we've brought some here today that are easy to find, they are not expensive and they will give you a sense of what you can eat in this planet.

Are you use this in your practice? I do I take vitamin D everyday and I try to incorporate.