How Strength Training Helps Your Health

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Hi, I'm Doctor Mike Clark. If you're wondering if a strength training program is right for you, consider this, many research studies show that strength training has great health benefits and should be an integral part of just about everyone's exercise routine, perhaps the most obvious impact of resistance training is on your weight.

It stimulates your body to maintain or increase muscle tissue which helps your body burn more calories throughout the day without doing anything extra. Of course you would expect that strength training would help build muscle to keep you lean, but it has other great benefits too, it can help prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, it helps prevent low back pain and osteoporosis too.

Strength training also prevents age-related loss of muscle mass, that helps you maintain physical functioning as you get older in particular preventing debilitating pulse. So whether you lift dumbbells, use weight machines or pick up a resistance band, strength training can boost your heath now and in the future.

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