Eat Prunes to Build Strong Bones

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Hey, I'm Dr. Wright here with a tasty tip for strong bones. Grab a package of prunes next time you're at the supermarket, snacking on a few of these little fiber rich nuggets daily could keep your bones steady and shatter proof, why? Prunes also also know as dry plums are filed with compounds called polyvinyls that re-balance your bones building cycle.

Think of your bones as a never ending construction project. Microscopic segments are constantly being demolished and rebuild. Over time the rebuilding slow but the demolition keeps going, the results weaker bone as you age. Prunes slow down the demolition process to help keep your bones strong.

But don't over do them. Prunes maybe full of polyvinyl but like all dried fruits, they are high in sugar, all you need are three to four a day, and there is another bonus, all the fibre in the prunes will help keep you regular. I'm Dr. Vaunder Wright, Watch all our health smart videos for more tips to stay strong.