Do You Know Your Bone Density?

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Hi, I'm Dr van der Rijt. When it comes to your health, there are several important numbers to remember. There's your weight, your cholesterol, your blood pressure, there's also an important measurement to help you assess your risk of osteoporosis or fractures, it's your bone density measurement.

The're a couple of ways to measure bone density and they don't involve drugs, needles or pain. The first test is a dual energy x-ray, absorb geometry or dexascan. It's the most accurate test used to help diagnose osteoporosis. The method involves a short scan of the hip or spine. Spine scans are more common because they are faster and easier to perform.

However, hip scans are generally better and provide more information ultra sound dense tramatory is another option that measures born density at the heal knee cap or other bones of the lower leg. This is a good initial test for women who have the medical risk factors for osteoporosis.

Sometimes, results can indicate that women do not need the more expensive density scan. Knowing your bone density can help you make better health decisions. Consider your risk factors and options with your doctor for more ways to stay strong, watch all our smart tips, right here.