Boost Bones With Tai Chi and Green Tea

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Hi, this is Dr. Oz, and here's a smart way to prevent bone loss. A recent study suggests that Green Tea with Tai Chi may work together to prevent bone loss at least to osteoporosis. A group of post venor puzzle women with bone loss, but not full blown asteoperosis process drank 500 miligrams a day of Green Tea Polyphenols.

We also practiced Tai Chi, it's a traditional chinesse form of mind, body exercise, they did that three times a week. The women saw improved bone health after just a few months. In addition to better bone health, you have three more ways Tea and Tai Chi make you healthier. Tai Chi help reduce the risk to falls by boosting balancing skills and strength. The water and tea keeps your skin hydrated, but the Green Tea Polyphenols also keeps your skin healthy and young.

Green Tea's Polyphenols help burn fat right where you want them in your belly. Follow these tips to get healthier faster. And watch all of my smart health tips right here.