4 Steps to Stronger Bones to Prevent Osteoporosis

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright with three smart ways to strengthen your bones. There are certain things you can do to zap the calcium right out of your bones. For starters, watch out for colas and other caffeinated drinks. The 16 phosphates in caffeinated drinks can rob you bones of calcium. Also watch the timing of your calcium intake.

You can only absorb about 600 milligrams of calcium in a two-hour period, so you need to spread the doses out throughout the day. It's also recommended to get 1000 International units of vitamin D3 a day if you're under 60 and 1200 international units if you are over 60. That's because vitamin D3 helps remodel bones and allows proper calcium distribution.

Adding 400 milligrams of magnesium in the mix, also helps prevent constipation and bloating from calcium. Finally, watch out for too much protein, a protein heavy diet can make your blood more acidic, then your body steals calcium from your bones to neutralize the acid, eat no more than half a gram of protein daily for every pound you weigh.

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