What Exercises Can I Do to Keep My Mind and Memory Sharp?

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Well my first question is from an legendary comedian and actress who has been making audiences laugh for the past 50 years. She hosted her own variety show it was on air for 11 years and won 22 Emmy Awards. I'm talking about Carol Burnett who just wrote the best selling book This Time Together Laughter And Reflection.

Hi, Dr. Oz I have a medical question for you. Years ago I read that doing crossword puzzles keeps your mind and your memory pretty sharp and so I've been doing that for years and I hope is working. Do you have any other suggestions for exercises to keep your mind and your memory sharp? She always ask question doesn't she? All right before I answer the question if I could ask a favor, Mike do you play ping ball at all? Oh, not for years since camp.

Perfect come on up try them my goodness I love it alright now you Michael was actually was a national champion. Micheal have you ever played a lot of Ping ball? Not for years. This is an unfair go ahead let's see the questions that you've got okay are you saying? Give me that racket.

I'll help her. [xx] here is the deal, [xx] you keep playing. Oh, I am going to help her. Now, there was a study that showed that crossword puzzles actually help, but if you do them four times a week, you can actually lower the dementia rates by 47%. Other activities as well are, playing musical instruments and dancing.

Don't fall while you're playing, but the reason I asked Michael and Valerie to play ping pong not just to embarrass them, but also because it promotes growth of neurons it lowers the risk closing off blood supply to key parts of the brain. You guys are pretty good. Guys thank you very much, have a seat.

Thank you Michael.