Keep Your Eyes Healthy to Prevent Dementia

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden with a health tip about your vision. If you are proactive about regular eye exams and correcting vision problems, you could help to reduce your risk of dementia down the road. In one study, people who rated their vision as very good or better were 63% less likely to develop dementia during the nine year study. Those with worst vision who didn't bother going to an eye doctor were almost 10 times more likely to develop all kinds of disease. People who initially had poor vision but got the problem corrected, were able to avoid the higher risk of cognitive decline. That says a lot about the importance of your eye health.

While the link between our eyesight and brain function isn't totally clear, other studies suggest that difficult in seeing makes it harder to keep up a healthy lifestyle. So, if you're over due for an eye exam, make an appointment today. For more ways to take care of your health, watch all our smart tips right here.