Is There a Brain Exercise I Can Do That Will Improve My Memory?

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We've been teaching very simple memory techniques that we found that not only improves memory right away, but people can have better memory for years to come, and the simplest I call Look, Snap, Connect. Look is a reminder to focus attention, the biggest reason we don't remember something is we're simply not paying attention, so someone walks into the room introduces themselves, but you're looking across the room at someone else and you can't remember their name.

So look and focus your attention, snap is a reminder to create a mental snapshot of the information, our brains are hard to remember visually and finally connect is a way of linking up those mental snap shots and making it meaningful. So lets say you're running out of the house and you've got and I remember two errands, I've got to pick my shoes and I've got to get gas, will just see yourself pouring gas into your shoe, you loose snap connect you never forget that image and you will remember your errands.