A Little Daydreaming Can Help Your Brain Function

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Hey, I'm doctor Oz. Here's a smart health tip that'll help make you even smarter. Let your mind wander, it may seem like a slacker habit but it's actually good for your brain. New research involving brain scan showed that when we daydream, our brain's actually working harder in very different ways. Daydreaming lights up the areas of our brain that handle routine activities but also activates the so called executive network of the brain where complex problem solving happens.

The conclusion, giving your brain a break allows these high function areas to work on weighty questions humming in the background of our thoughts. So go ahead and do some daily day dreaming. Mindless activities like washing the dishes, knitting, doing a jigsaw puzzle or weeding the garden are all good choices for giving your brain a break.

It will put your brain in a healthier, younger frame of mind. You can watch [xx] grow young health tips with me, Dr. Oz, right here. Just stay tuned and keep watching.