4 Surprising Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

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Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Roizen. What's the secret to keeping your brain fast and nimble? Sharpen it up with some proven, but not so obvious steps. One, get your blood pressure checked, and take every step you can to keep it at 115 over 75, or lower. This is probably the most important thing you can do.

Decades before memory and think problems are noticeable, high blood pressure creates small scaring in your brain. Two, check your vision. People who got their vision problems corrected by an ophthalmologist were more than 64% less likely to develop Dementia than those who didn't get their eyes checked.

If you are losing your zest for life, ask your doctor for help getting a handle on depression. Depression doubles your risk for brain dysfunction. It might be the high levels of stress hormone cortisol with the fact that's just difficult to take care of your health when you are depressed. Four, play games, almost any game will help your brain stay young, but the more brain power a game requires, the better it is for your mind. For more ways to stay sharp, watch and share all our health tips, right here.