3 Treats That Make You Smarter

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra with an easy health tip for you. If you enjoy chocolate, wine and tea, don't feel guilty. It turns out that indulging in these treats may keep your mind sharper over the long haul compared to people who rarely enjoy them. In one study, participants who regularly enjoy chocolate, wine and tea performed better on cognitive test.

Researchers credit the high flavanoid content of these goodies to help fight inflammation. Protect against re raticals[sp?], and help your brain cells. Of the three, wine is the best memory booster. Wine aficionados were about 50% left likely to suffer memory loss than those who never indulged. Consuming wine, chocolate and tea separately improved memory, but those who regularly enjoyed all three had the sharpest widths of all, and a little bit goes a long way, just one third ounce of chocolate, three ounces of wine or seven ounces of tea daily helps to keep participants sharp.

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