Why sitting too often is a killer

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I'm Dr. Oz, and here is your smart health tip for today, get up and move around right now. Sitting, say at the office all day, then at the sofa all evening, is really bad for your health. A recent study found that people who sit 11 or more hours a day, are 40% more likely to die, than people who sit fewer than 4 hours a day.

Regular exercises helps lessen the damaging effects of sitting a lot, but don't stop there, add some activities throughout your day too. Set the alarm in your smart phone to remind you to get up and walk around every hour or so, and stand up while you talk on the phone. If you're meeting with your boss, you should just be taking a walk while you catch up, you will both be more productive when you return.

If you have to sit, swap your chair for an inflatable fitness ball, bouncing on the ball help build your core muscles, that turns sitting into a great workout, small steps like this will help you live longer and better. For more healthy ideas, stand up and watch more of our health smarts.