Shop Your Way to a Longer Life

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a quick tip to live longer. Don't feel too guilty about that weekly trip to the shopping mall, electronic store, or local thrift shop. It turns out that as we grow older, shopping may actually be good for you. In a study, seniors who shop everyday enjoyed mortality rates that were 27% lower comparing with peers who rarely or never shop.

Researchers aren't exactly sure what the connection is between shopping and longevity. It's possible that healthier more functional seniors were simply able to shop more, but researchers believe that there may be more to than that. Frequent shopping may boost health because it causes people to be more active and it requires lots of walking.

And mingling with sales people and fellow shoppers may offer opportunities to socialize, something that's goods for emotional health and well being, or people who love to shop may simply get a psychological boost from engaging in an activity they enjoy another key part to living a longer life. The takeaway here is that retail therapy may work at any age.

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