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Welcome back to my slumber party, my next guest though it was a secret to waking up looking younger and fresher. Here with beauty that you can work with while you sleep, is cosmetics Cop, Paula Begoun. Welcome Paula glad to have you here.Thank you, I'm glad to be here. So you must be quick with [xx] how do you pick the price you're going to share with us today? What's the criteria? It has to be based on what published research says the ingredients of the product can and can't do and it has to be less expensive but better, than the expensive staff.

You can absolutely save money and look beautiful wasting money, isn't pretty guys? That's what I'm here for, I'm your cosmetic's cop. Interested? I got Angela from our slumber party to help us out. Angela how are you? Good, how are you. I'm going to pamper you and we got the brains here to show us what to do with it.

So here what it is. This is a first night time regimen. This is you're first time you do regimen so you would wash her hair this is about conditioning her overnight. When you wake up, we're going to put some conditioner on it Dr. Oz is going to rub that in, but not on the scalp, you don't want to put it on the roots right, that's way here down, so you would really soak up that hair with conditioner because you're going to rinse it out in the morning.

When you leave conditioner on, the longer it's on, the healthier it is for hair especially dry damaged hair. conditioner doesn't repair hair. So how often do you do this? So you could do it actually as often as you want when you have dry damaged hair. What do you Ashley is it okay? I don't know.

Alright, I'll make sure it's okay, there we go okay. Oh, the pain the agony. All right, the second bed time regimen, has to do with gloves and booty it sounds interesting, what's it about? So what we're going to do is you got sexy grody heels, spring is coming, so what you need to do to have beautiful heels is exfoliate this is a very inexpensive product called callous eliminator.

This is a foot file, this is about a buck 50, this is about $5. Now I'm making Dr. Oz do this because he's pampering, you would keep this in your shower or you would keep it next to your bathtub and then you're going to scrub the heel, lift up your heel. I actually do this at home.

This way. There you go now scrub the heel, all over the heel, there. Is that okay? And then you would rinse it off or wipe it off. Show us both side? Oh, the sides. I thought surgery was hard. And then these little booties are lined with a silicon gel, you would put a moisturizer on, and then and put these little tear drops, and then you'll put them on.

They not only keep you warm, but they are incredibly moisturizing, so you put the moisturizer on after you exfoliate and then you put the booties on, and then after you put your moisturizer on your hands at night, again these are aligned with the silicon gel and they leave your hands, you'd be shocked how your cuticles look in the morning, and these can be found at a lot of drug stores or online.

I look like a character, say something.She looks like the joker with this thing. There's beauty routines so when you are single and beauty routines for when you're with somebody, so one of the things about relaxing at night is a body massager and on your thigh, it can in the morning make your cellulite look better, it doesn't get rid of your cellulite, but the little bit of plunging will make them look better.

It's not easy to being at Cosmetics Top Now that works when heat up, right. Right, their best one they heat up. It's supposed to just vibrate, the heat increases relaxation, it doesn't help the cellulite one way or the other but,This is the best part I get to do it all.Okay, so these new products, these teeth whiter, toothpaste don't whiten.

Toothpaste are toothpaste whether they say whitening or not, research shows the ones you buy in the box or kits works as well as what can be done in those fancy little systems you pay a lot of money for, these cost what, 20, 25, 30 bucks. And what it is that's unique about it is this new one actually sticks to the teeth they're the ones, you know, slip and slide all over the place, these have a rib texture that sticks and it has a coating so it stays better and the minting agent is closer to the teeth.

It works beautifully in one application, one application two hours that's it, it's incredible now where obviously using it more is even better but yeah it works. So what do you think you're happy? YeahComfortable? Comfortable than we [xx] [xx] We are working, we are working. Thank you so much to Cosmetics Cop Paula Begoun.

Angela thank you so much, be right back everybody..