Live Longer With the Mediterranean Diet

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz, and here's your smart health tip for today. You want to live a long, vigorous life? Choose the Mediterranean diet. You might know about all the great perks of the Med diet. It's good for your heart, help prevent diabetes, even melts away belly fat. But the news is even better. A 10 year European study, defines more than 120, 000 people found that a Mediterranean style diet is even more powerful when you combine it with other healthy habits. In this study, people who ate a Mediterranean diet, didn't smoke, watched their weight, and exercised regularly lived the longest.

This was especially true for women. Sometimes called, the world's healthiest cuisine, the Med diet emphasizes lots of plant proteins, like dried beans, fruits and veggies, whole grains, fish, and heart healthy fats, like olive oil. It also includes lots of nuts and moderate amounts of alcohol. Yes, yes, you can have a glass of wine with that dinner.

It's also very low in red meat, sweets, and refined grains. So to live the longest, go Mediterranean and keep up your other healthy habits too. For more ways to live better and longer, watch more health smarts, right here.