How carrots can help you live longer

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Hi, this is Dr. Miller with a little known nutrient that can add years to your life. Eat more Alpha Keratin. You can find it in carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, spinach, and any other orange and green vegetables. A 14 year study found that people with the highest blood levels or alpha-keratin enjoyed a 39% lower risk of dying from any cause including heart disease and cancer, how?

Free radicals in your body create oxidative stress and damage your body. Alpha-keratin is a strong free radical fighting antioxidant that helps to reverse these effects. It's similar to beta keratin which you also find in carrots and squash, but researchers think that alpha-keratin might be even better at slowing and stopping the growth of certain of cancer cells. Antioxidant supplements don't usually have alpha-keratins, so it's important to eat veggie filled diet to meet your needs.