How Can I Look Younger?

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And we're back revealing secrets to recharging your body. Now we're go from inside to to the outside of the body with Dr.[xx], who has some wonderful tips, teach us a little bit about it. I will. What's so amazing is that our biggest problem are the easiest to solve and what I'm doing today is to tell everyone about how they can take these steps into your own home and make your skin look gorgeous.

Well someone in the audience today has been desirous of recharging her appearance. Karen. Hi Karen. Allright. What makes you think that he has external recharge? What's interesting, I feel like once I hit my 40s the same rules didn't apply anymore. It changed and so on everything from firmness, to things that we used to do, they don't have the same results so recharge me.

I love the idea of firmness, that's the word I usually use, that's probably the right word to use. You somehow feel like you're toned. All right, so lot's of new ideas. These are solutions again they're part of the external part we've have talked of internal already. What is going to make you look better on the outside? And it is work to step one to restore the chemistry.

That's right. Let's walk over here. Okay. Come on this way, get you in the middle. Yes. Well Karen first of all you are not alone. I don't know a single woman personally and I bet every woman in this audience thinks that their skin looks dull, drab, lifeless and that's because the skin health is totally dependent on the pH balance and so when our skin pH is too high that's exactly when we look flaky drab dull and lifeless.

What I would like you to do is to use a milk compress very simple, every evening after you cleanse you just take your favorite milk in the fridge, we don't want to use it too cold, better get to room temperature, and take a wash rag put it into the milk, just ring it out so its not sloppy wet.

Does it matter whether its low fat milk, full fat milk? That's a great question. Well it needs to be real dairy milk, because real dairy milk, just kind of common for us, is rich in apha-hydroxy acid called Lactic Acid. Now Cleopatra is renowned for having bathed in milk, and the reason is it's going to take your skin and turn it into a radiant glowing healthy look but after a week of doing this, this is a very gentle easy way to restore skin chemistry, you move on to your active moisturizer, so whatever moisturizer you're using get one that's actually do something for you, as opposed to being just a passive bland layer.

I got a one two punch here. Yeah, I like it.