Eat Your Greens to Live Longer

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with your smart health tip. This one can boost your odds of living longer echo greens, especially turnip greens, kales, chard and master greens. A large scale study in China type B and other pacifirous vegetables to better longevity. Other great pacifirous veggies include broccoli, cauliflower and napa cabbage.

All of which you can find in the supermarket. A study of 100, 000 people in Shanghai found that those who ate the most veggies, were 15% less likely to have died during the five year study, and their risk of heart disease was particularly low. Pacifirous veges are especially high in antioxidant, vitamins and other protective vital chemicals.

They also have a super antioxidant called [xx] which reduce oxidated stress and information in your cardiovascular system, thus helps prevent heart disease. So, it has the [xx] and the broccoli. You want to discover more ways to nourish your health? Stay tuned and watch more health spots right here.