Do Antioxidants Fight Aging?

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You always hear the term antioxidants, and we know that they're healthy, but what's the real deal behind them? When it comes to antioxidants, they actually can have anti-aging powers. The key is looking for whole food sources where you can find them. So fill your plate with color.

Make sure you get fruit and vegetables in every meal and snack as much as possible. When it comes to foods with the highest level of antioxidants we're looking for colorful fruits. So next time you make a smoothie maybe try to throw in a blend of frozen berries, because antioxidants, what they do in your body, is they fight off free radicals that are damage to your cells.

So, anytime you're sitting in the sun and you may have a little bit of skin damage or just a natural effects of aging, you sometime have cells that are prone to damage, these foods fight that. So antioxidants are going to be your best defense against aging. So fruits, vegetables, and also don't forget whole grains, not just to eat them for fibre, but you get natural antioxidants in eating whole grain breads and cereals.

And finally, a little dash of spice in your life can't hurt either. Cinnamon is right up there with pomegranates and berries when it comes to antioxidant level, so just a teaspoon of cinnamon in a rice dish or on your oatmeal or on your pancakes can actually offer these antioxidants properties to boost your health fight of these free-radicals.