Bust Boredom to Boost Longevity

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. Can you really be bored to death? Well it turns out that boredom could hurt your health more than you know. One study surveyed more than 7, 000 government workers in London, asked how often they were bored on the job. After more 20 years had passed, the researchers found that those who were most bored with their jobs had higher mortality rates at younger ages and of course boredom itself wasn't the actual cause of death, but researchers notice that people who are most bored also exercise less and had worse overall health. Researchers speculate depression and heart troubles could have been the real killers, solution burst your boredom.

Challenge your mind regularly to stay stimulated and engaged in life. Get physical, exercise is one of the best natural mood boosters on earth. Find something you love and gain a new appreciation for life. For more ways to live longer and better check out all our smart tips right here.