Where Does Alzheimer's Disease Research Stand?

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We are better able to diagnose that someone might be at risk for Alzheimer's or might be in the very early stages of Alzheimer's than we were before. That diagnosis is not yet at the stage where one would recommend it being done on a wide scale, but there are very encouraging signs that we might be able to do this for people in the very near future.

We are closer to therapy in the sense that there are a number of therapeutics that are currently in clinical trials that may be promising, and there are a number of lines of investigations into new therapies that I think look really promising, but while all this is going on, big pharmaceutical companies are largely abandoning the central nervous system disorder sector, because it's perceived as too risky and too difficult to develop drugs.

So we have the problem that just as research is starting to get really exciting, the people who will be needed to translate that research into the clinic are largely bailing out on the sector.