What Do Researchers Need to Cure Alzheimer's Disease?

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in terms of research dollars. We throw 500 million at $180 million problem, that's probably two days in Afghanistan or Iraq I don't know, but we're not addressing the problem as we should be because our progress toward effective therapy is not science limited or science constrained we know what we have to do to completely budget constraint we don't have the money to do it.

You've been an advocate of venture funding in this what can you [xx]?

Well luckily foundations are stepping up The Cure Alzheimers Fund, it's just an amazing foundation, every dollar they take in goes out, $1 in one dollar out, the founders of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund the families that started the fund cover all the overhead and the directing, so every dollar that comes in goes back into research. And they hand picked the way to venture capitalist work, the greatest people, the most timely and important projects and they come to you and say "we want to fund you" the same way a VC would, so it's non profit, it's called Venture Philanthropy but it's not there's no profit there, there are no strings attached, even patterns and intellectual property still belong to the hospital of the university. So even international property and patterns they are no strengths, OK.

So the way the money is going about uses the same principles of the way a venture capital from doing is seek to is the best and only fund the projects. So as a result, even though Cure Alzheimer's Fund put about $4 million into research last year, which is less for example than larger foundations.

If you look at the research that came out of it, it was all published in the top Journals in the world, it had huge impact on the field, so it's all about bank buck so the venture [xx] model is your biggest bank in your buck and and every buck in is a buck out to research.