How Can I Reduce My Risk of Alzheimer's Disease?

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Well, chronic high blood pressure, hypertension is the biggest single risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. So keeping your blood pressure low, I wouldn't watch the Republican Presidential debates if I were you, that is a really good thing to do in order to reduce your long term risk. Keeping your LDL cholesterol level low, that is known to be helpful towards Alzheimer's disease. Exercise, exercise is pretty good for everything, it's good for this too, and mental exercise is probably good. The science behind that isn't rock solid, but there's reasonable expectation that if you stay mentally active, you're doing something that will lower our risk.

That's the other thing I meant to say about why people don't take this as seriously as they should. For a long time people thought that becoming senile, becoming demented was an inevitable process of ageing, and if it is then what's the point, you can't do anything about it and that's not true. It is true that if you live to be in your late 80s, you have a one in two chance of getting Alzheimer's disease, but one out of every two people won't get Alzheimer's disease. This is not destiny, OK? This is a trend that we're seeing, but it's not destiny.

It can be cured and it's not inevitable.