Can We Eradicate Alzheimer's Within the Next Decade?

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I'm still sticking with 20/20. We're working on drugs here, in my lab, in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego. This was funded by the Cure Alzheimer's fund. These drugs are dynamite. I see them as what will potentially be the statins or the cholesterol lowering drugs of heart disease for Alzheimer's.

They get into the brain and they safely lower the amyloid levels to where you need them to offset the risk of the disease. And Cure Alzeihmer's fund funded all the seed work for these, and now Francis Collins, the head of the NIH, announced a controversial translational program where he said, the NIH is going to act like a big pharma drug company partner for academics, which would normally have to do with pharma where they provide drug discovery, not drug discovery, not drug discovery but [xx].

Which we'd normally have to do with pharma where pharma's providing medicinal chemistry expertise, and they're going to make the drugs for you etc that costs millions of dollars. The head of the NIH, Francis Collins, said, we'll do that, we'll be the pilot, we'll get people from the drug industry as consultants to work with us, and we'll provide you the academic funds to do all the biological stuff in your labs, but we'll be the drug company.

Why? Because drug companies stopped funding people. In the old days, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, drug companies funded academics you see some examples still of it today, but the most part it'd gone away, the companies have tightened the belt, they've raised a bar of what theydl would actually come in and fund.

So when Francis Collins announced this, it was controversial, it still is, because he said, how do you think the government is going to have to control drug company? How are you going to know what to do? Well, they're doing it. They hired really top notch people who've worked in pharma to guide, and they picked our drugs.

These drugs had started to Cure Alzheimer's [xx], and now they're throwing millions of dollars out there, put a full team of drug experts, medicinal chemist with the goal of all getting together and driving these drugs to clinical trials over the next year or two.