How Are You Applying Your Down's Syndrome Research to Alzehimer's Disease?

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For the other genetic forms of Alzheimer's disease, it seems likely that the same underlying mechanism is relevant, not precisely the same but there's an underlying mechanism that you can use to link too many copies of APP which occur in some families with Alzheimer's disease. Too many copies of APP and down syndrome. And changes in APP or its processing enzymes in other families, so there's a kind of a nice commonality in genes that focuses on mechanism. I think that's a very powerful line of reasoning.

But how do you fix it though? How does it relate to sporadic Alzheimer's disease and I think the pathology is so similar, including this pathology involving the structures that move back and forth on axons, that I think something similar will be found there. Exactly how it works I don't know. The hope, of course, is that the treatment for the underlying mechanism in Down Syndrome will apply to all these other groups.

I think it's likely but there's certainly no certainty of that. What a thing it would be for me if in my life I could say, sometime in the future, you know, one thing I did, was I helped find a way with thousands of other colleagues that I have in the world, I found a way, helped find a way to prevent Alzheimer's disease in people with Down Syndrome.

What a great thing that would be. It would make me incredibly, I mean that would be the best.