The Health Data Imperative

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There will be two source of healthcare. I think in the future, there will be the healthcare that we know now and the healthcare that would come from consumers, from the people itself, and these two I think will fuse into something completely new because one will learn from the other.

If you engage a million people, it'll do multi blind clinical trials on themselves. We need numbers to compete, to quench any needs. Algorithms we need to find profiling and we actually need to reverse engineer ourselves. We will start logging, everything about ourselves, we say like okay we normally wake up, and then I had a headache, and before you know it, so the next thing to understand also, we start to count things.

To quantify itself. So you count how many headaches, how many hours you sleep, how many heartbeats, how many breathes you take, and then the next thing of mathematics kicks in, because after a while, you'll leave computation and you're going to calculus. You'll see time serieuses, longitudinal things, then you say hey, this is how I can profile myself, but then we sit together and then we say your ranges, are different than mine.

And that's actually one of the big things that consumers are now going to discover in what we could call consumer medicine. That what maybe fever to you, maybe very healthy for me. You see, medicine has become the study of averages, but the average global body does not exist. We all have our personal ranges, and we don't know them, so very soon, we will start to log them, we will start to count them and we will start to put them on a time series.

And then it will hit the consumer movement like a tidal wave because it was all these years I have lost. The question is always on a very high level. Why do we do this? And people say, do we have insights that correct our behavior? It is not about correcting our behavior, it is about understanding it, it is about being aware.

We're making in our lives trillions of decisions, undocumented about our health, but if we now, know what we are, what our personal ranges are. An histogram of all our parameters, and we understand our health. Will we then change our behavior? Well sometimes, we would still play dangerous, if we know that some sugars are, sometimes we would eat them.

But at last, we'll be empowered to understand what we're doing. We'll be aware of it, and I think this's the biggest insight and the biggest new ground for medicine that will stir this consumer medicine, it's peer-to-peer medicine that could come from the crowd, and it will change everything.

You see we were waiting for something miraculous and it has happened, that's the smart phone, without the smart phone we couldn't do it. If you can do passive collection of medical data with your personal ranges, I think this would generate a complete new form of healthcare.