Will Technology Make Physicians Lose Their Sense of High-Touch in Medicine?

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We will not lose that touch. In fact we will get much more personalized, I'll give you the aspirin dosage you should have based on your genomics and your condition. Not just whatever has been the blanket prescription for all seven billion people on the planet. More importantly, it doesn't say that the human element of care has to go away but it does say you can have the most humane humans due the human element now maybe your doctor, but it may be your nurse or a medical assistant or somebody who has the time and cares.

You don't have to have 10 years of medical training to be the most humane human in medical care because the hard part of the work, the analytics, the Dr. House piece is being done by your cellphone. Then you can add the bedside manners, Dr. House asks you, get the level of care Dr.

House can provide you not your average MD, and people forget 50% of MDs are below average, and have the bedside manners are the best most humane medically trained professional you know. They could be an MD, they could be a nurse, they could be a nurse practitioner, medical assistant, it could be anybody.