Why Are You Interested in Healthcare?

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I enjoy large problems especially large problems that can be addressed in a way on through technology innovation. So, I came at it from two different perspectives. One, how much technology can turn the practice of medicine into the science of medicine. And medicine, really is mostly about practice and tradition, and wht you learn't in med school 30 years ago.

It's not about quantity, they've side effect approach to healthcare so that was one element. The second element was a massive shortage of doctors in most part world. There are 40 million uninsured in this country that we forget about, but there is 400 million in rural villages in India that don't live within 30 miles of a doctor.

For them, a little flu is a days travel in each direction, when they can least afford it. So, I looked at a couple of days, and I said, how does the world change? There's lots and lots of other problems. You know most people don't realize, that the most common way to discover the fact that you have a heart diseases, to have a heart attack.

It's sort of silly in this day, and age, to discover it after you have an attack not before. Can I show you a little toy? So, this is a new FD approved machine, it's a EKG machine built into my iPhone case, right? A full medical grade EKG. And all it is a case that lasts me a couple of years thats essentially free to produce, and why can't if I'm a cardiac patient, and I'm not, thank God.

Why can't I measure my kg as often as I measure my blood sugar if I'm diabetic. Then if I have have 1000 kgs a year, the machine will detect a lot more. I could do it after I exercise, after I eat, after I wake up, if I'm not feeling well, I have lot more data, than going into the hospital and the doctors office once and twice a year and doing any [xx] may not be having a problem.

Think about it. $8000 in a year and you might get 5 minutes for sampling in the year, if you are diligent. So, that's the kind of problem that can be addressed.