Where Is the Data Analysis Technolgy Going 5 or 10 Years in the Future?

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Just looked at the data, data scientists there, and by changing the protocol around an existing drug for incoming stroke patients, just [xx] their [xx], reduce the death rate for stroke, incoming stroke patients by 40%. Think about each other intervention has done that, that's one little isolated example.

So this company called [xx] took the national breast cancer database, put to the analytic system and the system is suppose to help you find the questions you didn't know to ask if I can simplify what the system does. Somebody who knew nothing about breast cancer discovered in the first few hours, new categories of breast cancer based on database, of data that have been public for a dozen years.

Not only that the soon the covered new types of drug targets and now they have pharmaceutical companies as their clients. So both at the institutional level, and at the face point of patient care level like mistocines example in health care, there is a huge improvements to be had from health care.