Is Our Healthcare System Moving Toward Preventative Medicine?

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I absolutely see this move from sick care to integrative and preventive medicine but I don't believe traditional medicine can do that, only technology can drive the move to integrative medicine to preventive medicine, to health care instead of sick care why? Because there is just too many factors to compute, the complexity is high.

If I give you your 64, 000 genes or 30, 000 genes and other data points your doctor is not going to know what to do. Your doctor keeping track of what you're doing with your emailing or texting and which mood you're in. A doctor doesn't know all 1000 [xx] and if he did have them, he couldn't read them and so I think technology is essential to moving from sick care to health care, from discovering heart attacks after you have one to discovering cardiovascular disease before you have it to preventing diabetes from going from prediabetic to diabetic, from treating mental health before you go into serious episodes in every area of medicine we will see this.