How Doctors and Healthcare Technology Will Work Together

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Long time ago, we decided humans are flying a big plane, like a 747 was too complex for humans to do. They still assist. They can still take charge at the right time. It's a good analogy for what will happen in medicine. We will amplify doctors, we will assist them, via anacasist[sp?] I call them, but we will prevent them from making errors.

A doctor today manages whatever, 3000 patients in lots of situations, comes in a white coat, says what's wrong, in the first 30 seconds he's made a diagnosis. By the way, a lot of the misdiagnosis, and 10 to 20% of cases are misdiagnosed. The answer isn't to say let's ignore the massive amount of data because there's information buried in it.

The key is to extract insights and a machine can do that, a human being cannot no matter how good MD not even doc to house. No wee need machine to do that for us and not pretend we are super hero doctors, that can handle at all and know it all. We'll not lose doctors, in fact we'll get much more personalized, I will give the aspirin doses you should have based on your genomics and your condition.

Not just whatever is being the blanket prescription for all seven billion people on the planet. More importantly, it doesn't say, that the human element of care has to go away. But it does say, we can have the most humane humans, you the human element and maybe your doctor. But it maybe you're nurse or a medical assistant or somebody who has the time and cares.

I got great healthcare, because I got a conscious doctor, but most people don't, and its okay to talk about this idealized view of medicine. I get it. I can call my doctor anytime but most people don't. And the average MD, is not like that, because he and it's not the MDs fault. He has too many patients, he has too many things to today.

He spends a third doctor's time just filling paper works, and then there is this hidden disease in the health care their system where we can talk about reducing healthcare cost but every dollar saved is a dollar of profit loss by somebody. Guess what are they incented to changes? No, futures are very hard to predict.

You know, just when all the media companies heard, cable would become interactive TV, the Internet showed up on the last and from last year, it completely revolutionized so many things, from education to media to doing research on your health care. The same will happen. We cannot predict the path but because we can't predict it we can't assume it won't happen.