Why Has it Taken So long to Figure Out that We Should Prevent Disease Rather than Treat It?

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Traditionally when we think about Western medicine the way western physicians, traditional idiopathic physicians has been trained it's treating the illness and not really focusing on preventing but rather now that the illness is there, how do we treat it? And we're great at that, if you injure yourself here in an accident you break a bone, you want to be treated in a Western Hospital that's where we're experts.

Where we're not is treating the body as a whole, and that's where the idea of prevention medicine comes in, not just treating the problem, but treating the root of the problem. And I think we've all come together now and realized that now is the time, we don't have any more time to lose.

Preventive medicine is I believe the answer to the health crisis right now. Two-thirds of the population are overweight or obese in this country, diabetes over 25 million people with diabetes and we're spending billions of dollars in healthcare developing medications, treatments, hospital visits and where has it gotten us? We are in the worst health that we've ever been in.

And think this is really what spoken to the health professions in the health field. In this country and all over the world we need to start else where we need to start at the root of problem.